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Top 5 Magic Kingdom Attractions

There are so many things to do at Magic Kingdom that it feels impossible to decide which are the top 5 attractions. Everything there is fun, exciting, and somehow, it fills me with joy every time I’m there. But I’ll do my best to tell you which are my top 5 Magic Kingdom attractions

The Best Disney Packing Playlist

I put together a Disney Packing playlist to set the mood before my trip and make the packing experience a great part of it as well. I share with you this cool playlist that will make you love packing!   What happened to me when I had to pack for Disney is that I didn’t […]

Save Money On Food
How To Save Money on Food at Disney World

Disney World is expensive and food can make it even more. Is there anything you can do to cut down some of the costs of the trip? Actually, there is! And the key is on your meals. On this post I’ll show how to save money on food at Disney World. If you follow these […]

Art of Animation
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Review

I was lucky enough to have stayed at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort twice. Why lucky? Basically, this resort is like being in a Disney movie. So your stay can be pretty magical – especially if you’re traveling with kids (not to mention adults who grew up watching Disney and Pixar films). On this review, […]

10 Disney Parks Essentials + Free Printable

Your park bag needs these 10 essential items to have a perfect day at WDW parks. Remember to take just what you need or your bag will be too heavy and you’ll be uncomfortable all throughout the day! Let’s take a look at the 10 Disney Parks essentials.

The Ultimate Disney World Carry-On Packing List + Free Printable

Your Disney World vacations are coming soon and you’ve realized you have no idea what to put in your bags? Oh My Packing! What to take, what not to. The moment most people dread when going on holidays is packing their bags. Well, as it happens, I’m a bit of a organization freak and I […]

How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Day At Disney World

The moment you arrive at Disney you’re going to feel a bit tired. And let’s face it: all the excitement and thrill of the previous days before arriving plus the car or plane ride can be quite stressful. But despite all that, you feel as you should head to the parks immediately after you set […]