What to do in Magic Kingdom on a rainy day

We can’t control the weather and we might have to go to the parks on rainy days. I’d usually recommend skipping parks during the rain only if possible, but usually, most guests don’t have extra days, or it suddenly starts raining (very common in the Bay Lake area) when you’re already there. It’d be a […]

5 Mistakes I Made the First Time at Disney World

In 2012, I went on my first Walt Disney World vacation with my family. It was a dream vacation! I had an amazing time buuuuuut… in hindsight, there were some things that we could’ve avoided. When we’re are first-timers, things usually don’t go out as we imagine or we hope. Here are 5 mistakes I […]

Free Printable Disney Valentine’s Day Card

Share your love with this cute Free Printable Disney Valentine’s Day Card ❤ Print it as many times as you want and give it to your family, friends, or significant other! If you print it, don’t forget to tag on Instagram so we can feature you!

Eating and drinking Around the World at EPCOT

I love Epcot for many reasons: for what it was supposed to be in Walt’s original plans, for what it later became, for being the door to many cultures, and for its food. So last year, on the last day of my last trip (a very hot January day, what’s with the Bay Lake and […]

Are we losing the Disney magic?

I don’t think I’ve ever written an article reacting to some Disney news, but well… there’s always a first. I feel a bit sad, but basically, I just have so many questions about the decisions that Disney is taking because I feel the Disney magic is slowly vanishing or shifting into something else. Changes are […]

Disney Chirstmas Playlist
Disney Christmas Songs Playlist

The Holiday Season is here and what better way to celebrate than listening to some of the best Disney Christmas tunes. I put together a Disney Christmas playlist with some of my favorite songs. I might be adding a few more in the next couple of days, but these are definitely my favorite ones. If […]

Free 2021 Disney Calendar
Free 2021 Disney Calendar

Get ready for 2021 with this free Disney Calendar! You can download it, print it and place it anywhere you want 🙂 If you do, you can send me pictures of your printed calendars ([email protected]) or tag me on Instagram

A Quick Tour of Disney’s Monorail Resorts

On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I had a couple of non-park days and I decided to tour Disney’s Monorail Resorts, hotels that I will never have the chance to actually stay at. I quickly drafted half a day at the Monorail Resorts and one afternoon visiting the Skyliner Resorts. Even though I […]

6 Reasons You Should Stay at a Disney Value Resort

Planning your upcoming Disney trip and not sure where to stay? Disney Value Resorts have everything that could make your vacations magical. Why? Well, they are the cheapest option inside Disney, they are full of magic, aaaand, they have tons of benefits for guests. Still not sure if they are the right hotels for you? […]

Free 2020 Disney Printable Calendar

Get ready for 2020 with this free Disney Calendar! You can download it, print it and place it anywhere you want 🙂